Potential Pilot Furloughs Update

Percentage of Potential Pilot Furloughs

Trans States Airlines became the first to shut its door in April due to the effect of the pandemic on US economy. HQ in Bridgeton, MO. It transported 3.5 million passengers annually. It had 47 E145s. Trans States had about 603 pilots.

Compass was the second US Airlines to shut its door. HQ in Minneapolis, MN. Founded in 2007. It had 581 pilots.

ExpressJet could be next to shut its door with the recent announcement by United Airlines to cancel their contracts by year end. It has 1,375 pilots.

Here are a list of current airlines that have sent WARN letters to their pilots to warn them of the potential furlough as of October 1st.

  1. United Airlines 3,900 Pilots (Total 13,300 Pilots)
  2. Delta Air Lines 2,500 Pilots (Total 14,600 Pilots)
  3. American Airlines 2,500 Pilots (Total 15,176 Pilots)
  4. Allegiant 275 Pilots (Total 1,021 Pilots)
  5. Repuplic Airways 933 Pilots with 400 Captain Downgrades. They’re closing their IAH and MCI crew domiciles (Total 2,461 Pilots)
  6. Hawaiian Airlines 15-25% of Pilots (Total 864 Pilots)
  7. Spirit 20-30% of Pilots (Total 2,598 Pilots)
  8. Frontier 500 Pilots (Total 1,493 Pilots)
  9. Piedmont Airlines 15% of Pilots with 40 Captain Downgrades (Total 746 Pilots)
  10. PSA 730 Pilots with the closure of TYS and ORF domiciles. (Total 2,041 Pilots)
  11. Envoy 350 Pilots (Total 2,500 Pilots)
  12. GoJet 35% to 50% of Pilots (Total 600 Pilots)

For the majors, Southwest and Alaska Airlines are the two that have announced that they will not be furloughing pilots this year.