Why You Should Still Become An Airline Pilot Amid COVID-19

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The coronavirus(SARS-COV-2) pandemic has caused quite a bit of disruption in every corner of the world. At the time of this writing, the world is standing with almost 18 million confirmed cases with over 684 thousands deaths. The US is seeing over 4.6 million confirmed cases with over 154 thousands deaths. Millions of people are out of a job all over the world. So why is it still a good time to learn to fly?

If the world was to end, it would’ve ended. But it hasn’t. After all you are reading this blog amidst the pandemic. Humanity has been around for a very long time. Humanity has gone through a lot from previous pandemics, world wars, regional wars, genocides and much much more. Whether the environment that we are seeing and living today is a direct result of our doing, that’s a different discussion on its own. But what we have to acknowledge is that the world will continue. People are resilient. We have very intelligent people working on vaccines and therapies to help cure this virus. So this means that there will be sunshine and green grass on the other side. What we can do now is to keep our hopes up and be patient. It’s easier said than done.

Aviation will return. If you do a little Google search, the internet will tell you that the current estimates for the return of international flying is around 2024. That is ONLY 4 years from now. So what can you do to prepare yourself for that return? Well if you caught the bug with flying, you can become a pilot starting today!


So here are the list of reasons why you should still become an airline pilot today!

  1. Downtime is good. Stay Focus.
  2. Aviation is the way of the future
  3. Flying is a career
  4. Airlines Compensation
  5. Travel Benefits
  6. Exciting challenges
  7. Retirements
  • Downtime in an economy is a good thing for learning to fly. If you want to become an airline pilot, now is the time to do it. The saying, “Buy low, sell high” is the logic in this. Amidst the coronavirus and recession, the supply and demand logic is still in play. Flight schools and Flight Base Operators may have to lower their price due to lack of the demans in flying. (You can google for your local flight schools and FBOs to find a place to start flying.) Now since most companies aren’t hiring pilots at this time, it makes it a great time to fly. Would you rather learn to fly when everyone is hiring? Or would you want to be ahead of that trend by learning to fly now so that when companies start to hire again, you will be ready to get paid to fly?
  • Aviation is the way of the future. Can you imagine a world 20 years from now with regards to traveling and transportation? Do you think people will stay inside and only travel locally? Of course not. Maybe before there was public transportation, most people travel 5 miles beyond their home. That was probably very adventurous. Then comes horse carriage, trains, automobiles, and airplanes. The world will continue to rotate and people will continue to expand their horizons. This means people will continue to fly. And that means pilots will be needed to help transport people from point A to point B.
  • Flying is a professional career. When you become a pilot, you are going to have a well paid professional career. It may not seem like it at the moment. But you will realize your potential. If you get furlough, there will be other companies that will continue to hire pilots. The pandemic may be a unique situation, but again, this will only be temporary.
  • As a pilot, you will be rewarded quite well. The chart below shows Pilot Annual Pay over a thirty year career at a major airline. More on the breakdown of how much a pilot make at the major airlines, here.
Pilot Annual Pay over a Thirty Year Career
  • One of the benefits as an airline pilot is you get to fly all over the world for free. Yup, that is a very real benefit of being an airline pilot. Most of the airlines from all over the world basically link up to provide benefits to their employees. This means an ability to travel for free if not at a much cheaper cost than a regular fare. Not only do you get to travel to different cities, new states, diferent regions of the country, but also many corners of the world. Now there will be some logistics that you’d have to work out. But many flight crews have taken advantage of this perks on a daily basis, pre-covid time of course.
  • Now being a pilot does come with its fair and arduous challenges. If it was so easy, then everyone would do it already. The fact is, it takes a lot of hard work, commitment to your goal, commitment to your health, passion for flights, and the perseverance to succeed. Certainly, you cannot go to training for only several months and then expected to be able to perform at the level of an airline pilot. It takes solid time to perfect your foundations as a pilot at different stages of your training. Once you’ve accomplished your goals, the rewards can be very fulfilling. So if you are one who believes that difficulties and challenges make you better in the future, then becoming a pilot is an option to consider.
  • Pilot retirements will be a huge drive in pilot shortage. Why is this important? Because in the airlines, seniority is key. Seniority means you have been with company than another person below you. This can afford you the difference between being a reserve pilot versus a “lineholder” pilot who has a set schedule every month. Better seniority will allow you to have possibly more days off each month, more weekends off, higher pay rates and of course, time to spend your holidays with the family and friends. You can read more on pilot retirements at the major airlines, here.
Airline Pilot Retirements By Age 65

So despite of what’s going on around you, about the virus, the downturn of the economy, the potential pilot furloughs, one thing that can help you through the day is to stay hopeful but also have a plan. We can be hopeful that there will be effective and imminent therapies and vaccines that will minimize or prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We can be hopeful that the world will turn around from 2020 and accelerate into the future with better focus, with higher strength and clearer path to the years to come, one day at a time. When the economy is down and airlines furlough, that’s ok. It’s a good time to stay focus in school and flight training. Later on, your accomplishment will be very fulfilling because you took the time to learn and grow during a very challenging time. The airlines and the wonder of flights will reward you with its great benefits, gratitude and great compensation. The attrition due to retirements will only sweeten the deal for you. The opportunity to become a pilot is for you to take.

There will be another blog on the way as a step by step guide to get you start on flying. However, if you have already commited to aviation and/or you have already done your introductory flight, click below for your aviation supplies. It’s important that you keep your overall cost low. David Clark is a solid beginner headset. Your headset, even for the least expensive ones, should last you through your flight trainings and beyond.

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