Airline passengers coming up with ‘creative ways’ to keep masks off of face

In a recent article by USA Today, an interview with American Airline pilot Dennis Tajer, revealed that some passengers have been removing their masks beyond the common reason such as eating or drinking.

Dennis said in an interview on Thursday on CNBC, “We’re starting to see people take creative ways on the aircraft of temporary relief from wearing the masks”.

While he believes that most passengers have been complying with his company policy, there are a few who doesn’t. He believes that the few passengers who removed their masks were not doing so as malicious act, but rather as part of, “natural human reaction.”

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Airline passengers are finding ‘creative ways’ to remove masks, American pilot says


Breeze acquires Compass Airlines Certificate with launch in 2021

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Compass Airlines, founded in 2007, operated Embraer 175s for multiple Legacy airlines including its last contract with American Airlines, has its operating certificate recently acquired by a new airline, Breeze.

Breeze Airways was founded by JetBlue’s founder, David Neeleman. The Salt Lake City based airline will operate Embraer 190s at the start of its operation and followed by later in 2021, the operation of A220-300s, which was Bombardier aircrafts acquired by Airbus.

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