Strong passengers count through the TSA checkpoints approaching Christmas Day

Total Traveler Throughput in December 2020

The weekend prior and the week approaching the Christmas holiday have seen strong total traveler throughput numbers despite the rise in COVID-19. Between December 18th to December 24th, total traveler count for each day was very close to 1 million passengers with four of the days with over 1 million passengers. December 18th, 19th, and 20th had over 1 million travelers consecutively, which is quite high and consistent since the pandemic has started.


While the rise in travelers can be encouraging for furloughed airline employees, the rise of COVID-19 and its associated restrictions from different states and cities are concerning as well. The airlines are currently awaiting for the approval of the new stimulus bill with airlines support. Both the House and the Senate had passed the $900 billion dollars stimulus bill, however, President Trump has indicated that he could veto the bill. The President has 10 days to decide while the airlines employees and millions of Americans will have to wait for the bill to pass.


American Airlines have indicated that they will begin the recall process and retroactively pay their furloughed employees starting on Christmas Eve. The Senate passed the bill with a $15 billion dollars support to the airlines. The airlines both commercial and cargo have played very important role in delivering vaccines world wide.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comment and review will be very much appreciated. Have a wonderful and safe holidays! Let’s hope for a strong recovery in 2021.

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