Over 32,000 airline employees have been furloughed since October 1st

United Express Jet is pushing off from the gate

Yesterday, October 1st, was a dark day for the airline industry. The airlines have furloughed over 32,000 employees to minimize labor costs due to the pandemic. Among those furloughed, there were thousands of flight attendants and pilots. While these numbers were predominantly from United Airlines and American Airlines, no report has been given for the other carriers. Most of the carrier have sent out WARN notices to their employees. However, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Air Lines have publicly stated that they will not be furloughing their pilots in October. Southwest and Alaska Airlines have deferred their pilot furloughs for several months. Delta Air Lines only delayed their pilot furloughs until November 1st. United Airlines has reached a deal with ALPA to mitigate their pilot furloughs. American Airlines became the first major airlines to furlough over 800 of their pilots and thousands of their flight attendants yesterday.

Most of the airlines have accepted the line of credit in a form of loans from the government. American Airlines has drawn over $500 million dollars from their $5 billion dollars line of credit from the fed. Southwest and Delta Air Lines have declined to accept the federal support.


Today, October 2nd, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has vowed additional aid($25 billion dollars) to support the airlines payroll and keep employees from being furloughed. Little did she know that the airlines have already furloughed their employees. In the event that the new stimulus bill was to pass with airlines payroll support, the furloughed employees will have to go through the process of being recall, which will depends on the negotiation and contractual agreements between the airlines and their respective unions.

Yesterday, the House has passed the $2.2 trillion dollars bill which included $25 billion dollars to support airlines payroll. Most people do not believe that the bill will pass in the Senate because of a few Republican Senators who refused to pass the bill. Meanwhile tens of thousands of airlines employees are officially out of a job and will have to request unemployment and/or seek other work opportunities that they can find.


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