Delta Air Lines seeks to lower pilot’s hours to avoid furloughs

Delta is proposing a 15% reduction in pilot’s monthly hours to save some of their pilot jobs. The federal aid will expire in October 1st, in which case, the airlines can start furloughing their pilots. WARN notices, which is not a furlough notice, has been sent out by the big 3 airlines.

Photo by Nitin Dhumal on

According to an article written by CNBC Airline Reporter Leslie Josephs, Delta Air Lines is looking to reduce pilot’s minimum guaranteed hours to avoid furloughs.

So far more than 1,700 Delta Air Lines pilots have signed up for the early retirements. This is more than the 730 plus pilots from American Airlines who took the early retirements. However, no data has been provided on how many pilots Delta Air Lines has awarded the early retirements.

Will the amount of pilots taking the early retirement be enough to save jobs? You can read more about it by clicking here.


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