American Airlines has issued 25,000 WARN notices to its employees

Photo by Quintin Gellar on

Today American Airlines has sent out WARN notices to its employees. Here are the breakdown by workgroup:

  1. Pilots: 2,500 or 18% of workgroup
  2. Flight Attendants: 9,950 or 37% of workgroup
  3. Maintenance & Related: 3,200 or 22% of workgroup
  4. Fleet Service: 4,500 or 26% of workgroup
  5. Passenger Service: 2,900 or 30% of workgroup
  6. Reservations: 1,000 or 23% of workgroup
  7. Dispatch: 175 or 36% of workgroup
  8. Flight Crew Training Instructors and Sim Pilot Instructors: 50 or 15% of workgroup
  9. Flight Simulator Engineers 10 or 7% of workgroup

A WARN notice is a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification letter. It is a written notification required by federal law to let employees know of potential furloughs. A WARN notice is NOT the same as a furlough. American Airlines still have opportunity to work with their respective union partners to workout the deals. They are offering incentivized voluntary leave and early retirement programs.


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